How to Come Up With Topics for Blogs

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How To Determine Topics for Blogs Blogs for Healthcare Workers Help SEO We regularly recommend our clients in healthcare use a blog; it benefits their practice as a way to become an authoritative figure to patients and collogues, but it also greatly benefits search engine optimization (SEO). What Should You Write About? As you may…

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Ways to Increase SEO

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Ways to Improve SEO What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the effort to get as much traffic to a website – through organic searches through search engines. There are various search engines we can try to optimize for, like: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo,, and Ecosia. There are many little things we can…

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Test Mobile Responsiveness for Free

TEST MOBILE RESPONSIVENESS FOR FREE What is Mobile Responsiveness? Mobile responsiveness simply refers to whether the layout and content responds to or adapts based on the screen they are presented on. Whether a person is using a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet, the website needs to display properly. So much time and effort…

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Testing Your Website for Mobile-Friendliness

TESTING YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE-FRIENDLINESS The Need to Be Mobile Ready Alot of website traffic these days come from mobile devices; more than desktops and laptops. It’s important to ensure your website is both mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive. This article focuses on what it means to be mobile-friendly and how to easily and quickly test it,…

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Attributes for WordPress Images

ATTRIBUTES FOR WORDPRESS IMAGES Pictures in WordPress When you have webpages with pictures or blog posts with pictures, it’s helpful for 2 reasons. First – the human users enjoy a mix if words and pictures. Second – and perhaps most importantly is for google. At the end of the day, we need people to find…

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The Best Free Keyword Research Tool

THE BEST FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL The Importance of Key Word Searching Keywords are basically the words people use to search for things online. The extract term or string of words that people search into google is the keyword. If a person is looking for “clinic for shoulder rehabilitation”, the keyphrase is “clinic for shoulder…

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Our Marketing Strategy

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Our Marketing Strategy Websites A website is crucial. These days patients search for their ideal practitioner online. Of course word of mouth is our ultimate goal, but in the mean time we rely heavily on web-searches. A modern, call-to-action based website can lead to patients booking. Nowadays we see an overwhelming amount of online booking…

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Best EMR Software Options in Canada

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THE BEST EMR SOFTWARE OPTIONS IN CANADA What is Electronic Medical Record Software? Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are software designed to make the life of practitioners, clinic owners and administrative staffs’ lives easier. They will all have slightly different functionality, but in a nutshell they will be able to manage your schedule/bookings, billing, payments, reminder…

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Use A Blog to Improve Your SEO

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Use A Blog To Improve Your SEO Blogs for Healthcare Workers Help SEO There are many SEO strategies out there. When it comes to healthcare providers – one of the best ways to boost your SEO is to manage a blog. How Does A Blog Help Your SEO and Your Clinical Practice? With every website…

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How to Get Your Website Setup on Google

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How To Get Your Website Setup With Google The Importance of Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the effort to get as much traffic to a website – through organic searches through search engines like google. Google is the number one search engine, so we need to ensure the website operates optimally through google.…

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