Hosting and Domain Management for Healthcare

Hosting and Domain Management for Healthcare


A website domain is a unique name that identifies a website on the internet. It serves as the website's digital address, allowing users to access the website by typing the domain name into their web browser. A domain is composed of two parts: the actual name and the domain extension (example: .com, .org, .net, .ca). Domain names are registered and owned by individuals or organizations, and they must be renewed periodically. Choosing a domain name carefully is important for a website's branding, visibility, and credibility online.

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Website hosting is a service that allows individuals or businesses to store their website files on a remote server, making them accessible to users over the internet. A website hosting provider typically offers storage space, bandwidth, and other resources necessary for a website to function and be viewed online. Websites are hosted on servers, which are powerful computers that are connected to the internet 24/7. When a user types in a website's domain name or clicks on a link, their request is sent to the hosting server, which retrieves the website files and delivers them to the user's web browser, allowing them to view the website. Website hosting is essential for making a website accessible to visitors on the internet.

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