Web Design for Therapists

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Web Design for Therapists

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What Makes Web Health Excel in Web Design for Therapists?

Therapists play an important role in the allied health world. There are many important differentiating factors between one therapist and another. It's important to get that point across through a website.

We've worked with several therapists in making their websites and structuring their web-marketing. We specialize in web design for therapists.


Best Practices for Web Design for Therapists

Separate Webpages for Each Special Population 

Therapy can be marketed toward specific patient populations. Whether you specialize in working with children, versus teens, versus adults, it's important to make separate webpages for each group. We can utilize specific keyword analysis to attract patients to your specific training.

It's also important to create content and separate pages for special interviewing techniques you may use. For example, if you use CBT, DBT, HeartMath, Active Listening, Task-Centered Practice or any other techniques, it's important to include that information on your website.

Websites designed and built by Web/Health have no limit to the number of webpages you can have. Click here for pricing.

Blog Posts

A blog is great way to create content, to separate yourself from other websites and therapists. We perform SEO on every page and post you create.

With therapy there is alot of unknown in the general population as to what exactly therapist do and how they do it; having a website with lot's of unique, well written content can really help with Search Engine Optimization.

At Web/Health, we do not provide blog posts themselves (that's up to you and your team), but we do set up and integrate a blog into your website. We also train you how to write blogs and upload them to the website. Those who subscribe to a maintenance package get 1 blog post upload per month (with all SEO included).

Online Booking

The ultimate goal of a website is to get patients - so if you use online booking services (such as JaneApp), it's helpful to integrate those booking services into your website. Click here to learn a bit more about the common EMRs.

A lot of patients use online booking, so it's helpful to capture these capabilities on your website.

Marketing Regulations of Your College

Your regulatory college will have marketing standards, which you have to follow on your website. We're familiar with these regulations.

Click the images below to view the most up-to-date marketing standards put forth by the various regulatory colleges.

Web/Health specializes in Web Design for Therapists

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