Web Design for Naturopaths

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Web Design for Naturopaths

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What makes Web Health Excel in Web Design for Naturopaths?

We understand what naturopaths do and how to attract a patient base. We work with our clients to build a website that reflects them as an individual, but we will also provide guidance in how to attract new patients through your website.

When we design and build a website for a naturopath, we target 2 main populations of people:

  1. attracting patients who already know what naturopaths are
  2. attracting patients who are searching based on a disease or diagnosis, and helping them discover naturopathic medicine, by finding your website

This is obtained through keyword analysis.

Doctor explain health check document of male patient in medical clinic or hospital mental health. health and doctor concept.
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dietitian consultation - practitioner and patient discussing diet plan
Veg herb capsules on round clay brown plate. Herbal Supplements Dangerous with Prescription Drugs. Dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals for vegans and vegetarians. Healthy lifestyle

Best Practices in Web Design for Naturopaths

Separate Webpages for Each Modality

One of the benefits of naturopathic medicine is the fact you can utilize a combination of therapeutic modalities to treat patients. Have a separate webpage for each of these modalities is beneficial. Keywords such as 'acupuncture', 'botanical medicine', 'homeopathy', 'specialized testing' all deserve their own webpage.

Websites designed and built by Web Health have no limit to the number of webpages you can have.

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Blog Posts

A blog is great way to create content, to separate yourself from other websites.

When it comes to attracting patients who don't know they need - you can aim to have content that's highly specific to their search terms - which will bring more eyes to your website. Having more web-traffic actually helps your organic search engine optimization in addition to potentially leading new patients to your practice.

At Web Health, we do not provide blog posts themselves (that's up to you), but we do set up and integrate a blog into your website. We train you how to write blogs that are optimized for search engine searchability. Click here to learn why to Use A Blog to Improve Your SEO.


Online Booking

The ultimate goal of a website is to get patients - so if you use online booking services (such as JaneApp), it's helpful to integrate those booking services into your website. Click here to learn a bit more about the common EMRs.

A lot of patients use online booking, so it's helpful to capture these capabilities on your website.


Adhering to CONO's Marketing Guidelines

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO) has their own marketing guidelines. It's imperative your website follows these rules. We have experience in dealing with these guidelines. Although we are not going to create all of your content, we can at least guide you during the development phase.

Click here to learn more about CONO's marketing standards.

Web/Health Specializes in Web Design for Naturopaths

We've helped several naturopaths build their website, and we're ready to help you! Starting off can be stressful, let us help. We recommend starting with planning your website as early as the days you're in school. Many students have told us it's helpful to create blog posts as a means to master the content, which only comes in help when you're writing exams!


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