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We're Sonia and Johann. We are practicing healthcare providers,  like yourself. We founded Web Health to help others in our field get affordable and honest website design and development with the quality of the top agencies. We run busy private practices as a physiotherapist and naturopath, and own busy multidisciplinary clinics comprised of multiple physiotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, counsellors and Osteopaths.

We and our team of talented developers understand the importance of a strong website and SEO and would love to be able to help you with yours.

What Led Us Here?

Simply put, a background in computer science and programming gave us the ability to create websites.

We started this venture of creating websites for others due to a genuine desire to help others in our field.

There are many specific aspects of creating websites for clinics and individual practitioners which we picked up along the way of owing our own individual practices as well as multi-disciplinary clinics.

Now, we have a team in place to help from every aspect from web design, development, graphic design and everything else you can imagine when it comes to web and online marketing.

Our goal is to help provide you an affordable website of the highest quality and help you navigate the ever evolving world of web marketing.

Our Marketing Strategy


A website is crucial. These days patients search for their ideal practitioner online. Of course word of mouth is our ultimate goal, but in the mean time we rely heavily on keyword based web-searches.

A modern, call-to-action based website can lead to patients booking. Nowadays we see an overwhelming amount of online booking at our clinics.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting a prospective patient to our website is not easy. This is where search engine optimization comes into place.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO - simply refers to all the efforts we take to make our website pop up first on google.

Our websites need to be made in a certain way - with appropriate fonts, keywords, image attributes and content. We also find linking our website properly with social media accounts and google accounts also helps with search engine optimization.

There's a lot that goes into SEO - and we will help you with all aspects - some things we do when we make the website, other things you'll need to do on an ongoing basis once you start running your practice.

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