Web Design for Clinics

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Web Design for Clinics

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What Makes Web Health Ideal for Web Design for Clinics

Web design for clinics involves building a site with multiple keywords and being able attract different groups of people to the same website.

Clinics may be comprised of a single discipline (like only physiotherapy) or multi-disciplinary (for example a combination of physio, chiro, massage and naturopath). In either case several factors must be considered.

A multi-disciplinary clinic is comprised of some combination of practitioners, all of whom have different skill sets, patient targets and individuals. Each of these disciplines will require different keyword analysis and market demographic research.

A clinic with only one discipline, still requires the ability to portray what each practitioner does differently, so patients can easily and quickly discern who can help them best.

At Web Health we have the expertise to design your website and build it professionally to maximize your clinics' online exposure and attract patients.


Best Practices for Web Design for Clinics

Separate Webpages for Each Practitioner and Discipline

A clinic with multiple disciplines would be benefited by having a different web page for each of those disciplines.

Likewise, each practitioner should also have their own web page.

Having multiple pages will allow us to focus on multiple keywords - each of which can target what your target demographic is actually typing into their search engine.

Websites designed and built by Web Health have no limit to the number of web pages you can have. Click here for pricing.

Blog Posts Are a Key to Web Design for Clinics

A blog is great way to create content, and demonstrate your clinic and practitioners' collective expertise on a topic. Whether you have one practitioner-type or multiple - there is an endless amount of possibilities to create blog posts and content. We can perform SEO on every page and post you create.

Keep in mind, prospective patients may search by discipline (go to google and type in physiotherapy) or they may search by complaint (go to google and type in headache). In either case you need your website to be found.

At Web health, we do not provide blog posts themselves (that's up to you and your team), but we do set up and integrate a blog into your website.

Stay Up to Date 

Clinic owners will appreciate the fact practitioners come and go - so it's important to keep your pages up to date, but ideally put as much information on your site as possible. We strategize ways to put your practitioners faces across multiple pages, but at the same time be able to add or remove them with ease.

Online Booking

With the convenience of online booking, it's important to incoroprate a booking link through your website. If you're using a platform like Jane App (or some other EMR), we can embed booking links throughout your website. Click here to learn a bit more about the common EMRs.

Marketing Regulations of Your Team

If you own a clinic you are either a healthcare practitioner yourself, or you're not. If you are, you're probably aware of your own college guidelines when it comes to marketing practices. If you're not a practitioner yourself, it's important to protect your practitioners and ensure your website abides by their respective college guidelines.

It's important to realize - a clinic itself is not regulated - so in theory a clinic owner can put whatever they want on their website, but a practitioner is still responsible for their clinic's website not breaking any of their marketing guidelines.

Click the images below to view the most up-to-date marketing standards put forth by the various regulatory colleges.

Web/Health Specializes in Web Design for Clinics

We've worked with countless clinics in the past. Our past experience gives us perspectives and ideas you may not ordinally think of. Book a free discovery call with one of our team members to discuss the intricacies in building a website for a clinic.


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