Pictures in WordPress

When you have webpages with pictures or blog posts with pictures, it's helpful for 2 reasons.

First - the human users enjoy a mix if words and pictures.

Second - and perhaps most importantly is for google. At the end of the day, we need people to find our website, and that's often through the use of google or othe search engines. This is all a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To maximize your SEO, it's important to have meta data on your images. We'll go over all that information here and what to include.

Attributes for WordPress Images

When you or your webdevelopper adds graphics to your website, whether it be for webpages or blog posts, these are the additional pieces of data you'll need.

  • Title
  • Caption
  • Alt Text
  • Description

This data is all entered into the back end of the website - those viewing the website won't necessarily see this data.


What the image is called. This is useful for you to search within your own photos in the Media Library.


Enter a caption that will display below the image. Within the website or blog. We can choose whether or not to actually show the caption to viewers of the website. For example when you see text under a photo on a website or when you hover over an image and text appears - that's usually the caption.


Alt Text

This is the text that that replaces the image in case of slow-loading sites, or for readers using screenreaders and other assistive technology. This is really important for google search rankings.


An optional description of the image that will display on the image’s attachment page (if you choose for the image to be linked to its attachment page). logo, a blue letter W with a circle
This is the screen where you need to make sure your web developper is putting specific keywords
This is the screen where you need to make sure your web developper is putting specific keywords

Make Sure Your Web Designer is Including Attributres for WordPress Images

When we design and build websites, we include SEO in every build we do. And this is a large part of the process. It's important you to have this important data attributed to every image on your website.

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