All The Logo Variations Your Brand Needs

The Importance of Logo Variations

When you make your logo, you'll quickly find there is a need to make a few variations of your logo.

This article will show you all the logo variations your brand needs.

A horizontal logo tends to go in the header of your website, on shirts or clothing. There are times having a short and long logo will fit a space better.

In some instances, a logo may look better being tall versus wide. With marketing materials, or websites, some instances will call for vertical versus horizontal logos.

If your logo is going on a dark background (like a dark header on a website, or a black shirt), you'll want to make sure you have font that contrasts nicely.

If your full logo has an icon, sometimes using the icon alone may be helpful. For example, if you look at the browser tab of this page, you'll see this icon. You may use your icon in subtle ways in marketing.

A transparent background is key. It allows you to overlay your logo on anything, and not have a tacky border around it.

Notice the picture above has a transparent background and the one below doesn't. In certain applications having a logo that blends into the background is nice.

Transpararent backgrounds will always be in .png file formats formats.

We Can Help

We don't to branding per se, but we do make logos in some cases for our existing customers (for additional fees). If you hire a graphic designer, make them aware of all the logo variations your brand needs before you start.

We Specialize in Web Design and Development for Healthcare Practitioners!


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