What is Mobile Responsiveness?

Mobile responsiveness simply refers to whether the layout and content responds to or adapts based on the screen they are presented on. Whether a person is using a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet, the website needs to display properly. So much time and effort goes into web design and development, it's a shame when things don't translate over to different screen types.

Mockup of screens

Making A Mobile-Responsive Website Takes Skill

When a website is designed and built, it needs to be given special attention to ensure it works on all devices. See these examples of before and after a web-page is mobile responsive.

responsiveness - services comp bad and good
responsiveness - services comp bad and good

Desktop Computer: These two images are the same. On a large, desktop or laptop, things look good. This is because the website was designed and built on a large screen. So spacing and font sizes were made based on the large screen. You can safely go between desktop and laptops and know things will look correct.

responsiveness - services bad
responsiveness - services iphone good

Cell Phone Device: This is where we'll see some issues (most likely). As you can see the font for the main header is too large - so it needs to be a smaller font when it's displayed on a cellphone. Also, too much real-estate is being taken by the banner. It's good to be able to see a bit of actual content on the page - so we need to make the banner appear a bit narrower.  There would likely be other sizing and spacing issues further down that particular page too. The image on the right shows what the page looks like after changes are made.

responsiveness - services tablet bad
responsiveness - services tablet good

Tablet: Again there are issuess like there were with the laptop. There were two main issues. First, the font was too big and got split between two lines. Next, the content was off center. To fix it, font needs to be adjusted based on the tablet size screen, and formatting needs to be customized. The image on the right shows the mobile responsiveness on a tablet after changes were made.

Test Your Mobile Responsiveness For Free

When we build websites for clients, we check mobile responsiveness while we're building. It's never the responsibility of our client. If you need to check yours, you'll see there are alot of paid services online to check your mobile responsiveness based on actual phone models.

Well there is a simple free way, most people can do at home, very easily. Follow these steps.


Open Chrome Web browser, and go to your website.

If you don't have chrome, you can download it for free.


Right-Click anywhere on your screen (over the content of your webpage). Select Inspect.


Click on Toggle Device Toolbar

Click where it says "Dimensions Responsive"

Below, it will present your site on the screen size in which you desired. You can toggle back and forth between different phones or tablets to see how it looks!

Work with a web developper who do mobile responsiveness for you

As mentioned above, so much web traffic comes through smart phones and tablets, every site these days needs to be fully optimized for all screen sizes.

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