The Need to Be Mobile Ready

Alot of website traffic these days come from mobile devices; more than desktops and laptops.

It's important to ensure your website is both mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive.

This article focuses on what it means to be mobile-friendly and how to easily and quickly test it, for free. Click here to learn more about Mobile-Responsiveness, and how to easily test it for free.


Testing If Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Mockup of screens

This step is easy - go to the Google Mobile Friendly test - it's completely free. Click here.


Then Follow the steps, as shown below.

Enter your URL:

Mobile Friendly Test 1

Wait for Results

Mobile Friendly Test 2

Ensure the results show the page is usable on mobile. Ensure google successfully crawled the page.

Keep in mind this is done on a page-by-page basis. To do the whole website you'd either need to manually check every page, or ensure your web-designer is doing it on their end.

Every website we build at WEB/health is fully mobile responsive.

Mobile Friendly Test 3

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