Finding An Ideal Topic To Write About

We highly recommend writing blogs for healthcare practitioners - it's helpful to build your practice through SEO as well as presentingyourself as an expert in your field.

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Our web design clients are always looking for the perfect free tool to determine blog post topics. If you're writing blog posts, pick something you're passionate about first, but then to hone in on specific topics, use keyword analysis.

The Perfect Tool:

This website allows you to write a keyword into the search bar, and then they show what people are searching about regarding that keyword.

It's a freemium service (meaning it's free for a few searches a day but there's also a paid version. You can get tons of value from the free version.

We'll walk you through an example of how you may use this data.


Let's say you're a naturopath. This website shows you the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY's of the searches of naturoapths online.


Once you hit 'SEARCH' you'll see these charts on the site. You can see what exactly people are searching with the keyword 'naturopath'.

Click on the images below to see more detail.

If you click on the 3rd (right) image, you can see the 'how' line of questions. People are commonly searching for:

  • how do naturopaths treat hormone imbalance?
  • how do naturopaths treat depression?
  • how do naturopaths treat hypothyroidism?
  • how do naturopaths diagnose?
  • how to naturopaths test for food sensitivities?
  • how naturopathy treat anxiety?

These may be good general topics to write about. The hope is, as people search for these things, they may find your website if you use these particular strings of words in your blog title, headings and content.


Work with a Professional?

Professional web designers and developers like us at WEB/health, use similar, premium services to do our keyword analysis. When making webpages, careful thought needs to be put into keyword selection.

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