We've written a number of articles on the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization. That most important aspect of your website is the strategic use of keywords. Click here to learn more about keywords.

We tell our clients-  the more content you have on your site with the specific keywords you're looking to rank for, the better. As long as those web pages and blog posts are of high quality.

Rank for Your Services

Say you're a clinic comprised of physiotherapists and massage therapists.

You want to first start off having the following:

  1. a web page for each service. Each page will show google you have not only a dedicated page, but content people will want to read
  2. several posts about each topic. Write articles about what these respective professionals do. Write about what conditions they can treat. Write about their education.

Make your website have several instances of "physiotherapy" and "massage therapy". When someone goes to google and writes:

"massage therapist" + "near me" - if your website has multiple pages with the term massage therapist, and those pages all seem to link to each other, google may rank your site higher than another similar clinic without such website content.

Remember, this is just a small aspect of SEO. Click this article to learn more. Click here to learn about having a Blog and how it helps SEO.

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Rank for Your Practitioner's Specialities

It's nice to get patients in the door initially, but after a while it's nice to be able to specify your marketing efforts. Say you have physiotherapists who are trained in vestibular rehab, or massage therapists who are trained in lymphatic drainage massage.

In the event a patient were to search those specific terms into google, we want your website to rank,

Once again, you should do the following:

  1. A dedicated web-page to each of these services. Make the content and graphics on that page good!
  2. Blog posts. Do Keyword analysis (click here to learn how) and make content about these specific topics.

Again, when you have specific services or skills to market - there are other things to do for marketing for your clinic.

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Employ White Hat SEO Only

Black hat vs white hat seo is a common term in web-development. Every year google will come out with a list of do's and dont's when it comes to SEO.  Black hat SEO is the stuff Google DOES NOT LIKE. White Hat SEO is the stuff google does like,

Click here to learn all the important terms you need to know.

We see it all the time. People will write "BEST PHYSIOTHERAPIST IN TORONTO" as their website URL or web-page name. Believe it or not these types of practices can result in a web-page being down-ranked on google.

It's a little tacky and google sees it as being deceptive. It's true people may type that into google exactly "best physio in Toronto" but google compares that keyword to the page you have and will usually determine that the title doesn't really match the rest of the page.

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Work with a Professional

WEB/health specializes in web design and web development for healthcare practitioners. We work predominantly with clinics in setting up their websites. We do this type of analysis for every website we make and every webpage optimized for SEO.

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