There are Many Effective Ways to Market

Like most things in life - there are many ways to do anything - including marketing your clinic.

Our advice is to do what comes most naturally, or things you're good at.

Market your clinic in these 6 ways to have the best chance to get your name out there!

1. Keep an Updated Blog

A blog brings a few important aspects to your website.

First - it shows readers (your audience and potential patients) you are an expert or authority in the field you're writing about.

Second - If your write your articles strategically, you can do it in such as way your blog articles will help your overall website rank higher in search engines, like google.

We've written various articles on how to write blogs:

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2. Make a Google Account

Google is a top search engine - a lot of your future/potential clients are using it. Having a google account is free, and this account can be integrated with your clinic's website. Doing so, will help your overall search engine optimization.

Seeing up and connecting your google account to your website is very important, and your web developer should help.

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3. Use and Link to Social Media

There are many social media companies - from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

It's not necessarily important to have all these accounts - but we recommend have a couple of few of these account and use them regularly. This is one aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

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4. Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

We routinely run analytics on all the sites we make for clients, including where web-traffic is coming from. It's clear nowadays that people are using their phones and mobile devices more so than desktop computer and laptops. We recommend you also have online booking on your website, and using an EMR that works nicely on smaller screen sizes too.

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5. Use Your Website

Your website is a great way to attract new patients. Keep it up-to-date and follow our guidelines on Search Engine Optimization.

Of course, when you have your site built by a professional, they also perform SEO, but as you'll see there are many things you'll need to do on an ongoing basis to maximize SEO.

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6. Focus on Internal Marketing

Alot of our work as a web agency is focusing on your digital market tools, like your website, but you must not forget to market within your clinic.

No matter how many staff you have, or how busy your clinic is, the patients within the walls of your clinic may be applicable to other services your provide.

It's common for a physiotherapy patient to perhaps need to see the chiropractor, and sometimes you need subtle ways for your patients to see your other services or conditions treated. Consider TV presentations in your reception area, brochures, articles for waiting area, staff/services fliers and more.


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Work with a Professional

WEB/health specializes in web design and web development for healthcare practitioners, with our most common client being multi-disciplinary clinics. We understand your field, we know how to ask you questions to learn what sets you apart and we know how to help guide you into using a website to help build your practice.


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