Top Keywords for Naturopaths in 2022

Make Sure You're Found Online

The main purpose of having a website is to be found online. There's 2 main groups of people looking at your website. Those people who already know your name, and those who don't. Most of your efforts with SEO is for the people who don't already know you to find your website.

This is where keyword analysis is helpful. When you write content, or have your web designer/developer create your website, it's important to use terms that people are searching.

Keep reading for the top keywords for naturopaths in 2022.

How Search Trends Work

When people search for your services, there are certain terms that people use over others. We can run analysis to determine what terms are best to use.

For example if you refer to the picture below - you can see people search for the term Naturopath more than Naturopathic Doctor.

This means, any instance of referring to yourself on your website, you should use the term naturopath, not naturopathic doctor.

USE NATUROPATH....not naturopathic doctor

When people are searching for an ND - they tend to type in 'naturopath' more so than 'naturopathic doctor'.

The term "ND" is actually typed in more than 'naturopath' but the context is in regards to the US state North Dakota.



USE HERBAL MEDICINE....not botanical medicine or herbs

When you have a services page or blog posts - try using the term 'herbal medicine'. It's much more popular of a search term than 'botanical medicine'.

The term 'herbs' is actually most popular, but the context people use that is for cooking herbs only, which although there may be overlap the context is different.

george-pagan-iii-2nbIfDeT4t4-unsplash (1)


'Traditional Chinese Medicine' is by far more popular than simply using the term 'Chinese medicine'. The data shows for every 100 queries of 'traditional Chinese medicine' there are only about 19 instances of 'Chinese medicine'.

TCM is searched more commonly but not in the context of Traditional Chinese medicine.

Work with a Professional

WEB/health specializes in web design and web development for healthcare practitioners such as Naturopaths. We do this type of analysis for every website we make and every webpage.


We Specialize in Web Design and Development for Healthcare Practitioners!


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