CONO's Marketing Guidelines for Naturopaths

Marketing Has to Follow CONO's Guidelines

As a Naturopath, when you launch a website, it's important to ensure you're following CONO's guidelines for naturopaths when it comes to marketing.

This article will list one by one all the do's and don't of marketing.

Do The Following:

  • Advertisements must be verifiable, true and accurate.
  • You can list how many years you've been in practice (since the public can check the registrar to see how many years you've been practicing)
  • Only contain information about conditions that are within the scope of practice of the profession, and that you have the knowledge, skill and judgement to treat safely, competently and ethically
  • link to your other social media accounts is fine (just don't link to review sites)
  • use the term "focus' or 'special interest' rather than 'specialize'
  • you are free to include fees, methods of payment, and charges for missed appointments
  • you may state the controlled acts you are allowed to practice in Ontario
  • Ads can include all naturopathic services provided by you at your clinic, as long as they are permitted within the scope of practice in Ontario

Do Not Do The Following:

  • do not include patient testimonials on your website or facebook/instagram (do not ask for reviews)
  • you cannot link to review sites such as Facebook Reviews or Google TReviews, or make mention of those review as part of your marketing efforts
  • advertising cannot refer to "specialization". There are no specialities recognized by the College of Naturopath's of Ontario. You can use the term 'special interest' or 'focus'
  • do not endorse any products of any kind; including brands of supplements you may offer
  • you cannot advertise or offer block fees
  • do not offer and advertise for incentives offered to patients for booking appointments or referring friends.
  • do not claim to treat cancer; according to CONO naturopaths can provide adjunctive care to address cancer symptoms and to alleviate the impact of cancer treatments on the body
  • do not refer to yourself as a 'physician' or 'naturopathic physician'
  • do not refer to your education as a 'doctorate'; graduates of CCNM do not have a doctorate
  • do not use the term 'expert'
  • do not include the logo of the College of Naturopath's of Ontario (CONO); it is their property
  • do not state that you received a 'medical degree' from CCNM; this is misleading and inaccurate

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