The Best Website's for Naturopaths to Link To

We've discussed the keys to SEO in other articles, and one piece of advice we give to our clients is to create links. Create links between your own pages, and also link to other websites. Ideally you'll have other websites link to you.

This article will identify the best websites for naturopaths to link to.

Why All The Links?

Writing a Blog increase your SEO, and one of the best ways to do it is to link.

Internal Links: those are links between your own pages. Notice the link above this sentence - well that link helps show google that webpages are related. It shows google that content within your webpage has a common theme. Don't spam your own website with too many internal links, but find ways to do it.

Out-Going Links: Outgoing links are ones your create to link to other websites. This is another way for google to see that your website is related to content from other (hopefully reputable) websites. If you're writing about Autoimmune Disease and you're able to link to legitimate, authoritative websites on those topics, google will see. Don't forget, google uses bots to understand what your website is about, it does the same of other websites - so it will know when your content is original, unique and accurate.

Back-Links: are links that come from some other website to yours. If the other website is highly regarded in Google's eyes, and that website links to you, that will help your SEO more-so than an unknown website.


The Best Webistes For You to Link To

These are all good quality, authoritative websites you should try linking to in your own blogs. This means writing a blog and use some of these websites as references.

PUBMED: a great source for scientific research - shows your blogs are evidence based, a lot of traffic to PubMed

NDNR: another busy website, but referenced by a lot of Naturopathic blogs - so google will see your linking to a similar webpage others in your field are linking to

WebMD: high traffic, very well referenced, high level of authority in medicine

Natural Medicines Database: if you have a membership; google can still index those pages and content

Natural Medicine Journal: not only is it well respected, and has high traffic, its a nice resource to look at well put together scientific research summaries within the world of natural medicine

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