Web Design for Naturopaths is Specific

When we design and create websites for practitoners - there are certainly common elements between one practitioner and the other - but when we make sites for naturopaths there are lot's of little things that go into the process.

Keep reading for 6 things naturopaths needs on their websites.

1. Have a Page for Each Specific Service You Offer

Naturopaths offer a wide range of services including:

  • acupuncture
  • herbal medicine
  • physical medicine
  • supplement and nutraceutical prescription
  • specialized testing
  • homeopathy

Some even have additional training in specific fields from Bowen Therapy to Reflexology or special interests in Fertility, Cancer Care or other things.

It's important to have dedicated web pages to each topic in which people may search.

Make sure the content well written, unique and of good quality. If someone were to turn to google and search: "Naturoapth + acupuncture" if you have content on your web-page with acupuncture, you'll have a better chance of ranking higher versus a naturopath who doesn't. One tactic is to do keyword analysis and find what people are searching for and make sure you have pages for some of those things. Click here to learn more on keyword analysis.


2. Identify Your Style of Practice

It's true no two naturopaths are the same. There's a huge scope of practice and most practitioners settle into a groove that may differ from others.

If patients realize there's a difference in style of practice, they may look to get this information from your website.

Say you're very evidence based and only go by published research, you should make that somewhat clear versus a practitioner who may use more energy work in their practice.

The intention is not to undermine or compete against others' and their train of thought, but to show your ideal patient base how you practice.


3. Link to Google and Social Media

We have lots of articles on SEO, but one big piece of off-page SEO is inserting short code from google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the other social media companies into the code of your website. This is done to help authenticate your website.

When your website is properly linked to these social media accounts, then any follower, engagement or quality content you make their can actually help with your website SEO.  Click here to learn of Ways to Increase SEO. 


4. Include Online Booking

A call to action is bascially a message where by you tell the website user what to do to act on your service. If you have a post about acupuncture for fertility - you ultimately want that reader to book in - so a call to action will be a button that says "Book Now".

It's very helpful these days to have links to online booking portals. If you use an EMR having buttons integrated on your website is great. If you don't pay for an EMR, simply having a contact page on your account or a free scheduling software can do the trick.



5. Include Pictures of You

At the end of the day, the patient will need to form some sort of connection with you - and a picture can absolutely help with that.

george-pagan-iii-2nbIfDeT4t4-unsplash (1)

6. Maintain a Blog

Whether you're brand new and want to attract every patient, or you're experienced and want to attract a particular demographic, a blog is a fantastic way to get traffic to your website. Click here to learn how to Use A Blog to Improve Your SEO.

The key to SEO is getting various high quality, unique content with a particular theme of keywords. If you want to build a practice around treating Autoimmune Disease - write as many blog posts around Autoimmune Disease. When a person goes to google and searches "Naturopath" + "Autoimmune Disease", the hope is your website will appear atop the list versus naturopaths who don't have such content. Click her to learn How To Write SEO Friendly Content.

Work with a Professional

WEB/health specializes in web design and web development for healthcare practitioners such as Naturopaths. We understand your field, we know how to ask you questions to learn what sets you apart and we know how to help guide you into using a website to help build your practice.


We Specialize in Web Design and Development for Healthcare Practitioners!


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