Best EMR Software Options in Canada

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THE BEST EMR SOFTWARE OPTIONS IN CANADA What is Electronic Medical Record Software? Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are software designed to make the life of practitioners, clinic owners and administrative staffs’ lives easier. They will all have slightly different functionality, but in a nutshell they will be able to manage your schedule/bookings, billing, payments, reminder…

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Marketing Guidelines for Naturopaths

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CONO’s Marketing Guidelines for Naturopaths Marketing Has to Follow CONO’s Guidelines As a Naturopath, when you launch a website, it’s important to ensure you’re following CONO’s guidelines for naturopaths when it comes to marketing. This article will list one by one all the do’s and don’t of marketing. Do The Following: Advertisements must be verifiable,…

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Top Keywords for Naturopaths in 2022

Top Keywords for Naturopaths in 2022 Make Sure You’re Found Online The main purpose of having a website is to be found online. There’s 2 main groups of people looking at your website. Those people who already know your name, and those who don’t. Most of your efforts with SEO is for the people who…

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6 Things Naturopaths Need On Their Website

6 THINGS NATUROPATHS NEED ON THEIR WEBSITE Web Design for Naturopaths is Specific When we design and create websites for practitoners – there are certainly common elements between one practitioner and the other – but when we make sites for naturopaths there are lot’s of little things that go into the process. Keep reading for…

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The Best Websites for Naturopaths to Link To

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The Best Website’s for Naturopaths to Link To We’ve discussed the keys to SEO in other articles, and one piece of advice we give to our clients is to create links. Create links between your own pages, and also link to other websites. Ideally you’ll have other websites link to you. This article will identify…

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