How To Determine Topics for Blogs

Blogs for Healthcare Workers Help SEO

We regularly recommend our clients in healthcare use a blog; it benefits their practice as a way to become an authoritative figure to patients and collogues, but it also greatly benefits search engine optimization (SEO).

What Should You Write About?

As you may know, blog posts and content creation is one of the many things you can do to boost your own SEO. We wrote about why to write a blog here.

The first step in creating a blog is determining topics for your blog posts. This is where keyword analysis can come in handy. This post will teach you how to come up with topics for blogs.

As a web designer and developer, we use premium paid services to give us key word data. Our clients get monthly newsletters with topic ideas. If you want to determine some topics on your own, here are a few free ways to get started.

Some Free Tools for Key Word Analysis

  1. WordStream by LocalIQ. Click here for a full walkthrough on how to use it.
  2. Answer The Public. Click here for a full walkthrough on how to use it.

All You Have to Do is Write

Once you get some ideas on what to write about, its time to get writing.

Start with this:

  1. incorporate your 'keyword' or 'key phrase' into the title of the blog, as well as a heading within the blog post
  2. make sure to mention your keyword a few times throughout the post (but don't over do it, make it sound natural)
  3. try to include a picture if you can, include all the appropriate attribute data 
  4. try linking to other relevent pages or posts within your own website
  5. if you're doing medical research, try linking to relevent, well-known, authoratiative websites from your field. Pubmed, Phyisopedia, WebMD are good examples.

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